With the advent of The Route 60 Sentinel, we thought it would be nice to show you around.  We’ll give you the VIP tour!Let’s start at the very top of the main page.  In this area, you will find news from across the country and around the world.

Top MenuIn the News section, you will find all the latest news from CNN, NPR, the Financial Times and Fox News.  You’ll also be treated to the latest political news from Politico.

The Sports section contains ESPN’s world famous “Bottom Line” and the latest news from the “World Wide Leader.”  Other sports news comes from CBS Sportsline.  For the NASCAR fans, we have the top racing headlines from Fox Sports.

The A&E section has a wide variety of entertainment news.  The Internet Movie Database (or IMDb) is one of the most popular websites on the internet.  It is an excellent source of top Hollywood headlines and other movie and television related information.  World famous news breakers TMZ comes next and has all the latest gossip and is usually one of the first websites to report major entertainment news.  E! News and Pop Sugar round out the rest of the section.

A visit to the Business section will provide you with all of the latest stock and business news.  A stock chart is also available at the top of the page.  CNBC’s wild commentator Jim Cramer is next with his tips.  Business Industry leader The Wall Street Journal follows with more headlines.scrollbar

TIP: When you are reading the news, you can generally scroll down for more headlines.  Simply use the thin white scroll bar at the far right of the content box.  See the picture to the right for an example.

In the Weather section, Enid residents will find the current conditions and an extended forecast.  Residents from other towns will see their current conditions listed below.  If you don not see your town listed and would like to see it there, let us know and we would be more than happy to add it.

The Classifieds section is a great feature of the Route 60 Sentinel and a tremendous value.  If you have something you would like to list you can list it with us for only 60 cents a week!  If you want to list something that would go in a category you do not see, just email us and we will create the category for you!

The About section is pretty normal.  Its a page for us to introduce ourselves to you on a more personal level as it will eventually contain bios of our various contributors.

The Contact Us section helps you communicate with us.  We need your input to improve the Sentinel on a constant basis.

Hopefully, this gives you a bit of a better idea of how the top menu works.  The lower menu works in much the same way.  The exception here is that these categories are reserved for local stuff.

Bottom MenuSometimes this will involve news from our section of the state and other times it might be an article about news in your own hometown.  Other times, our various contributing citizen journalists might use the opportunity to make an editorial comment about various issues of either local or national importance.  I do not think that I can emphasize enough that sometimes these articles or blogs might simply be opinion.  So, it is important that our readers understand that in those types of articles our contributors are using their opinions to write the article and are not necessarily factual based or represent the Route 60 Sentinel or any of our visitors or advertisers.  These articles will be marked as editorial articles at the very beginning of the article by the individual contributor.

Off to the side, you will see another group of links.  These links are important if you are searching for a specific topic or an article from the past.  There is also an additional link to all of the news pages at the very top of the page.  These are just there for your added convenience.  The “Keywords” section will allow the user to focus in on a certain topic by simply clicking on the desired keyword.  Side Menu

Well, I think that just about covers it!  Feel free to contact us if there are any other features that you don’t understand or would like to make any suggestions.