The Route 60 SentinelWe would like to welcome you to the Route 60 Sentinel, an online news source that came about out of necessity. There are surprisingly few online outlets providing services for Northwest Oklahomans. Some areas in this section of the state don’t have a news site, and in other regions, the choices are simply inadequate. Normal newspapers have failed to adapt to the fact that today’s citizens read their news online.

Our goal is to serve as an outlet for these areas and provide a wide range of topics in the process. Want to find out what’s going on in D.C.? Click on our news section and get the latest from industry-leading news providers such as CNN and Fox News. Want to see what the stock market is doing today? Click on our business section for the latest from the Wall Street Journal and get commentary from CNBC’s Jim Kramer. Maybe you just want the latest Hollywood buzz. We’ve got content from TMZ to E!

But where is the local content? Local stories, editorials, and other news will be reported here in the posting area. We will be relying on citizen journalism and opinion-driven articles. Citizen journalism is the concept of members of the public playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information. We would like to get as many people involved in this process as we can. We need correspondents in Northwest Oklahoma; Enid, Woodward, Alva, Hennessey, Fairview…everywhere.

If you see something newsworthy, let us know! Snap a picture of it and send it to us! Video it. We want it ALL! If we publish your item, we will give you proper credit for it. The only way a project like this works is if people participate. We need YOUR help. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer citizen reporter can let us know here. From time to time, we may contact contributors via email to check in about news in your area.