Route 60 Sentinel is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with a great website to help provide news, pictures, and video from Kingfisher County.  The website is KFRLIVE.COM and is ran by Daniel Merritt.  It is a really nice website that I would encourage all of our readers to visit.  Daniel and KFRLIVE.COM come highly recommended by our very own Library Kat!

Speaking of Library Kat, I sure hope everyone is enjoying her series of poetry.  Kat has a way with words like no other.

In addition, you have no doubt seen some articles written by Linus Black.  Linus is going to give us some help in many areas.  From DVD reviews to news from out near Woodward, Black is a very versatile writer that is an excellent addition to our staff.

We have at least a couple of other writer additions coming soon to the website.  I would also like to continue to encourage people in helping us spread the word about the Sentinel!  And if you have any sort of desire to write, let us know!