(This may seem a bit after the fact, but I was initially waiting to add some comments but didn’t get responses, so here it is anyway…)

After several months of back and forth between proponents of the proposed school bond issue and the naysayers, Enid passed the issue yesterday.

There were two questions on the table – Proposition 1 covered primarily construction and renovations for new and existing schools throughout Enid and Proposition 2 covered transportation.  In order to pass, each proposition had to have a 60% majority vote.   Proposition 1 passed with 62.66% and Proposition 2 passed with 63.73%.

This is a complete list of what the money from the bond issue will pay for.

Historically, Enid has had a hard time passing issues such as this and the citizens that worked to pass this one are elated.  “Primarily I am pleased that the sensible citizens of Enid have decided it’s time to invest in our future. As long as we continued to have our children and grandchildren attending schools that were antiquated in physical condition and technology, the end result would have continued to be antiquated. In order for our community to become a progressive city and desirable place to invest and raise a family, we must first sow the seeds in the school systems to be able to reap the harvest of tomorrow’s civic and world leaders,” said Don Kirkley, Enid resident and proponent of the bond issue.

Passage of the bond issue was not only good for Enid schools, but also Enid’s economy.  “The passage of the $100 million Enid Public Schools bond issue may be the biggest economic development news to occur in our community in half a decade. In order for Enid to compete for industry and employees, we must have a world class educational system-for families who want to come here, for parents that want to stay here, and for tomorrows workforce needs,” said Brent Kisling, Executive Director of the Enid Regional Development Alliance.

This is only Shawn Hime’s second year as Enid’s superintendent.  Hime is also running for State Superintendent.