Dancin’ In The Kitchen With Dorothy
Red skies and dust and no rain all summer
A hard pull to fall and no guarantee
Nothing’s free but the need to work
And keep accounts and watch and wait
Plow and plant and let God grant
Whatever he will and the song
That sings in my head when sun settles
And the table’s cleared
And I’m dancin’ in the kitchen with Dorothy

I’ve seen the world and it was fine
But not half so fine as you
I’ve heard sweet songs
Sung In three part harmony
But no song sings so sweet
As the laughter in my ear
When I’m dancin’ in the kitchen with Dorothy

Swing your partner
And dosido
Left hand star
And alaman right
Until the moon winks out
And the stars dance free
But not near so close
As my girl and me
As I’m dancin’ in the kitchen with Dorothy

Oh, save the last dance for me
Our babies with babes of their own
Our girls, the boy and his boy
Half a world away but here
Between us in our arms
Between two hearts
That beat in tune
To the songs that sing
Our life to sleep

Life is like a mountain railway
With an engineer that’s brave
And one day, one glorious day
I’ll fly away
On the wings of a snow white dove
To that pearly mansion in the sky
Where no tear dims a sorrowing eye
And through every evening of eternity
I’ll be dancin’ in the kitchen with Dorothy