Driving fast at midnight
Down 412 to Orienta
Take the curve at 90
The Honda holds the road

Driving to the beat
And headed for the valley
Where the Cheyenne ride in moonlight
Dead hands light upon the reins

Keep the windows all wide open
And the moonroof pulled way back
Keep the Dark there fast beside me
And the night air blowing through

No moon, no star, just headlights
And the night road up ahead
Driving fast at midnight
Facing down the dead

You think I’m still beside you
On the pillow by your side
But I’m driving fast at midnight
Giving ghosts a ride

I’m following the white line
Pushing for the red line
Belts off and airbags disengaged
She cruises at a hundred
Pulls tight, fights right
And leaves the road to fly
When I push it to the floor
It is the crush of glass that wakes me
And the sound of your machine

I crawl back through the window
Leave the key beneath the mat
And as you lie there sleeping
I watch you gently breathing

Free of dead hands that would stake you
Free of voices that call you out
Free of dead eyes that would take you
Free of faces in the fire.

And I leave you to your dreaming
Turn to Honda on the drive
Driving fast at midnight
Knowing you are still alive.