The gift was rare and precious and beyond belief
He gave to me a voice with which to speak and sing
And until Time has come and gone and is no more
I shall raise that voice to tell
All that I have heard and seen

I have seen the dust of earth upon his feet
The blood of Man upon his brow
I have seen the Roman nails that pierced his hands
And the thorns he wore for me

I have seen his broken body cold within the tomb
And I have seen him alive breaking bread beside the sea
Beyond Death, I have seen him
Beyond the Grave–alive forevermore

And in the Time that is yet to be
I shall see him once again
From the clouds he will descend
And upon the streets of a new Jerusalem
He will claim his own

King of Kings
Lord of Lords
The Lion of Judah
The Lamb of God
Eternal God
The Great I Am