News Roundup

Welcome to the very first installment of my News Roundup.  I’ll try to do this as often as I can, but it might not be an everyday thing.  I will try to intertwine humor and social commentary with what I post.  Consider all of my comments as opinion rather than direct news.  So, with that said, let’s get going.

The Oklahoma Attorney General has decided not to join on the health care lawsuit bandwagon.  Probably for the best, as it would likely be a colossal waste of time and money.  But kudos to the AG for starting the review of “Feed the Children.”

Former Cherokee Chief Wilma Mankiller lost her battle with cancer.  I didn’t know her personally, but she has one of the coolest last names I have ever heard.

There was a shooting at a mall in Muskogee. Heck, tickle me surprised.  I had no idea Muskogee even had a mall.

A large American flag in Bricktown was removed recently.  It was replaced by a large flag representing the newly playoff eligible Oklahoma City Thunder.  This apparently did not sit well with a lot of people. Of course, had they just stopped and pulled their panties out of that big wad they were in, they would have found out that the flag had been taken down to get repaired as it had become torn and tattered.  The flag will be flying again in about a week.  Why is it that people insist on being such a-holes about things like this?  I hope that once the playoffs begin, they re-raise that Thunder flag.


Oklahoma Men’s Basketball coach Jeff Capel has denied interest in leaving the University.  Willie Warren has confirmed rumors of his own exit.

Tiger Woods is much, much better at golf than marriage.

Texas Stadium was destroyed today.  Too bad it wasn’t the Cotton Bowl at Fairpark in Dallas.  Check out the video of the demolition:


A kick-ass review for the kick-ass new movie, uh “Kick-Ass”

Actress Dixie Carter died. I remember her has being the epitome of what a lady from the South should sound like.

The Munchkin Coroner from “The Wizard of Oz” died too. I remember him has being the epitome of what a coroner from the Merry old Land of Oz should sound like.

Want to own the Captain’s Chair from ‘Star Trek’?  Make it so number one!

If the Vampire from Twilight plays Kurt Cobain, I will not watch it.  (See Video:)

And finally, tomorrow is a monumental day in American history.  Tomorrow everyone needs to run to your nearest K.F.C.  and demand the “Double Down.” Then everyone needs to run to their nearest cardiologist.

KFC's Double Down

Mmmmmm……no bread…..ahhghhahghghg

Until Next Time….