News Roundup

Not too much local news today.  A school in Enid was locked down yesterday but the good guys found the bad guys and bullies at Coolidge Elementary were able to go about their business of beating up nerds for sport on the playground fairly quickly.


The Russians did it. Of course they did.  That’s what I used to say when I would get in trouble when I was little.  “MAXIMUS JULIUS CAESAR HALEY!  Who tracked in this mud?”  “The Russians did it.”

Let’s try to keep all of this in mind the next time you see a news story about tea parties.  Sometimes their zaniness might not be real.

D’oh!  You’re kidding right?  We forgot to tell them they can’t just raise rates to compensate? Hmmm….maybe we can introduce some legislation to fix that.  Target date for loop-hole closing legislation:  2019.

Former Boy Scout earns his “Cuddling Merit Badge” and in turn earns his “Lawsuit Merit Badge.” I’m a former scout.  Maybe I should have gone on more camp-outs.

I never had any teachers that took this sort of interest in me. So, I struck out on camp-outs and at school!

Al Gore is really, really ready for lunch in this video:

This is total crap. How come my porn isn’t 3-D too?


Good News:  The Thunder are in the playoffs!  Bad News:  They are playing the Lakers…

This guy is easily the best mini-bike ramp jumper I’ve ever seen:


Kate Gosselin was rejected by Playboy. I wonder if they offer a “blind” version because if they accidentally slip her in there unannounced, that’s what most of their readers will need.

Your car can now have a “Carstache.” Why don’t they offer a more manly version of it?  I want my car to have a goatee.

Isn’t the spring the best?  It officially starts grilling season.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, and ham dogs.  What?  You don’t have ham dogs at your house?  Well, then you’ve never had a real cookout then have you?

If I knew I could glue at least half of them back together, I’d totally buy this.

Until Next Time….