News Roundup

This version of the  round up is going to be a little light on the local stuff.

There is a world champion in our midst here in Enid.  His name is Mark and he knows how to play Donkey Kong Junior very, very well.

Eyjafjallajokull.  Who the hell named it that?   Any way, here are some absolutely stunning pictures of the volcano in Iceland that is erupting causing massive travel delays in Europe.

Ever wonder what Einstein’s desk looked like before he died?  You’re welcome.

Odd Items for Sale on the Internet:

The internet is full of things for sale.  Here are some of the coolest, wackiest, dumb, and odd items I could find this week.

For those who like to relax and watch Channel Sex, uh I mean six. See what I did there?  You know, because the slippers are…nevermind.

A classic children’s book for sale at  Also be sure to pick up the other books in the series: “Mommy and the Mailman” and “Daddy’s Making Meth.”

I am totally ordering this.  It will make your garden troll pale in comparison.

KittyIs it just me or is this cat creepy? And does he stick his paws in the water after to try to “bury it?”  Inquiring minds want to know.

Last week, we had the “Car-stache”, which some of you really liked.  This week, how about one for man’s best friend?

Really?  REALLY??

I can not top that last link.  If you see a link that you think is interesting, funny, or newsworthy, pass it on!

I hope everyone has a good weekend.  Don’t forget about the Home Show out at the Expo Center!

Until next time…