It seems as if anytime you watch the 10pm news, you hear about children being abused.  We’ve almost become desensitized to it.  However, when it happens close to home, you tend to give it a bit more attention.  Such is the case of a young girl from Enid, Davi-Angela Harber.

Davi-Angela died in 2008 at the age of 2 years old.  The medical examiner ruled the case as homicide and the cause of as death blunt force trauma.

After a thorough investigation, the mother of the child was formally charged with first degree murder.  Justice is served right?  I’m not so sure.  Maybe partially.

Reading an article about this case on, I became angry.  Here is why:

“She was mean,” Burks said of Harber. “She had this problem with always hitting on those kids.”

This was a family member who said this!  They watched this woman hitting her kids and quite obviously knew it was wrong.  But they did nothing!

This leads me to my question to your Route 60….if a person knows of crime before it happens, are they not an accessory?  If I know that a group of thugs are going to rob a bank and I say nothing to the authorities, am I not an accessory?  I’d really like to hear from people on this.