Free!Many of you may have noticed that our website has a classifieds section.  You might have even gone over and looked at it.  If you did go look at it, you probably didn’t stay long because there was nothing listed.  Well, because we need to test it out to make sure its working properly or if we need to change to a different classified system, we are going to offer something to our valued readers.  For a limited time, we are going to allow free classified listings.  After we make a determination as to whether or not we will keep the current system, we will then likely switch back over to paid classifieds.  However, even that will be a tremendous value as it will only be $.60 cents to list.  If anyone is interested, I’d also be happy to create a business listing section for businesses that would like to be listed.

Another feature that we have added is an “Online Memorial” page.  We had a very loyal reader who recently lost a loved one and wanted to contribute something in honor of his relative that had just passed.  So, he wrote a wonderful remembrance and sent in some photos.  As a service to our readers, we’d be happy to continue doing this.  It is something unique that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  Why?  Because we will do it for free.  We will even put pictures on there for you (limit 4-6 please).

As always, if anyone has any questions or more importantly any suggestions, please let us know!