Normally, I do a “News” roundup.  But given the weather events of yesterday, I thought I would do a video roundup of some of the tornadoes.

All I really have to say, is I told you it was going to storm!  Sure, it didn’t storm here in Enid, but it dang sure stormed around the state and even in the Route 60 Sentinel nation, up in Wakita.  in fact, here is some footage of the storm near Wakita.

I’d also like to share this video from extreme storm chaser Reed Timmer and the folks at .  These are the guys from Discovery Channel’s show “Storm Chasers.”  Some of the footage is from the tornado is near Wakita.

This next video was taken from live TV.  This was a shot from KFOR Channel 4 in OKC.  Chopper4 was filming the tornado progressing down Highway 9 in Norman, when it hit some vehicles.  Towards the end of the video, you can clearly see a van being tossed around like it doesn’t weigh anything.

If you have any storm pictures or videos, send them our way!