Outside the window
The truth comes at last
Saucy and dripping honey
Like a Greenleaf hatcheck girl

I did not intend to come this far
I thought I’d leave you
At the first four-way
Or at the truck stop out of town
But in a doze of inattention
I let time and rime
Carry me through the intersection
Each crossing
Every fork in the road
Lost to the rhythm of the road

This is the back way in
All life left behind
In Chitwood trees and sassafras
The puzzles and pens
Gray days and BarBQ

The Honda sleeps
Far from bounce of bullets
Or slash of knives
No more nights in parking lots
No more muzzles or models
Modems or deadbolt locks
Nor the graffiti of lives lost
To the concrete courtyard
To the elevators, escalators
Or gleam of high rise glass

Forgive me Father
For I have sinned
Left my life
Of puzzles and pens

I did not intend to offend
To astound
Reverend Mother or junkyard saint
But on this turnback trail
I fall away to dust
In absolution
A fey May oblation
And watch the sunrise
Watch the universe shrink
To fit within the circle of your eyes