News Roundup

Yes, I know.  Its been awhile.  Hope everyone had a good and safe Memorial Day.

This 82 year old Indian yogi claims to have not eaten in 70 years.  Man…I hate to call a yogi a liar, but….

Woman says 3D porno made her pregnant.  Military husband buys it.  Really?  REALLY?  REALLY!!?  And they make 3D porno now?  When did that happen?  Did I miss it?  Someone email me if they ever come out with virtual reality porn.

Dale Peterson is “after” the Republican nomination for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner spot.   I pity the man who stands in his way.

knight-xv Count the Conquest Knight XV as another thing that I want but don’t need or can afford.

This is a very cool time lapse video of the Space Shuttle as it prepares for a launch.  You get to follow the shuttle over a 6 week time period and it only takes 4 minutes.  The video will not disappoint you.

Want to waste time looking at cool things to buy?  This is your place.  They’ve got everything from the world’s largest gummy bear to a vampire pacifier to a toast stamper that would make your toast instantly more valuable.  They also have a spectacular selection of bacon products.  I could spend an hour looking at this site and probably spend about $2,000.

big ass bear Also, for the kid that has everything, the world’s largest teddy bear.  It weighs forty pounds and its 8ft tall.  Its also priced about $500 higher than it should be.

I want to close this time on a serious but fun note.  On June 13th there is going to be a kickball tournament at Kellet Park here in Enid.  All proceeds benefit the Jayla Alexsis Tuck Cancer Foundation.  I believe registration for teams has ended, but it sure sounds like it would be a great thing to go watch.  Also, they have a deal on their website that allows you to make a donation.  According to their website, for every $1 that the foundation donates to “The Children’s Miracle Network”, it is then matched by state and local agencies by $4.  What a great deal!  Good luck to the kickball participants and I hope that it benefits the foundation!

Until next time….