If it was here

We’ve all been watching the disaster unfold in the Gulf of Mexico now for what seems like an eternity.  Today is the 45th day of oil spilling into the ocean.  Now, I’m not a raging tree hugging hippie liberal.  But enough is enough.  Its time for some legitimate accountability.  And for the love of God.  Someone plug the damn well!

I’ve seen articles about BP refusing help from various people who have had ideas to help stop the flow of oil.  I know they’re busy guys right now, but at this point if I was them, I’d be listening to every idea someone wanted to pitch to me.  Its not as if their engineers are faring much better.  Throwing golf balls into it?  Really?!

I think for most Americans the spill hasn’t struck a chord.  Why not?  I don’t get it.  Why is there no outrage from Hollywood environmentalists?  What?  No telethons for the gulf coast?  Where is the out cry from people towards the Obama Administration for its lack of response?

I will hand it to Jon Stewart over at Comedy Central’s “Daily Show.”  He seems willing to not pull any punches in his ridicule of President Obama’s handling of this disaster.

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The Spilling Fields

Its a rather long video, but I hope you view it.  For the most part, Stewart has it right.  Imagine if George Bush was still in office.  In the video, you hear Obama take responsibility.  I hope people will remember that.

Now, I want you to imagine:  “What if it was HERE?”  Right here in northern Oklahoma.  Try to get some perspective.

For the visual learner’s in the audience, here is some help.  This is exactly what the oil spill would look like today, June 4th in Northern Oklahoma.  For this scenario, I placed the source of the leak in Enid.

Map of Mythical Enid Oil Spill

Click Here for a Map of the Mythical Enid Oil Spill

That certainly sheds some perspective on it, doesn’t it?  Tulsa looks safe, but man our neighbors in Wichita are taking it on the chin.  Edmond is taking some of it too.  Wonder how the wheat fields are doing?  Probably not well.  What about all the wildlife?

Anyone can do this at this neat website over at :  If It Was My Home

A little perspective never hurts does it?