Chasing Jupiter

Chasing Jupiter
Through the lights of Enid
Headlights tail lights
stop lights street lights
Conoco and Sonic
and the light of the moon

Light in the sky
And light on the road
A splatter of light
Startled fire
Shattered into splinters
of sparkled night

Race for the crossing
Before the blink of the red eye
Drops the bar that bars the way
Race for the dark
On the open road
Down 412
Leave Advance behind
And Koch
Runway beams
And flash of highway patrol

Chase the dark
And fall into folds
Of moonlit grass
Gravel and dust
Clouds in headlights
Turn at Market
To bright night sky
and Jupiter
Point of Light on blank canvas
Behind the broken moon

Jupiter waits
Where all light is left behind
Where the motor is still
And beams do not shine
In the dark
In the night
In the fields
Beyond town
Beyond time

And in the still night
All light dies
Before the God of sky