You gave me the best
the richest gift of all
you gave me
the house on the hill
the best years
when you were young
and happy
and full of fire

You gave me
a sister to love
a baby brother
all my own
and the family intact
singing in the car
more laughter
the stories
tall tales over dishes
still more laughter
and a rock hill
bright with diamond dust
and amber
and crystal

How can you say
I was deprived
that I missed the riches
the good years
when the struggles were over
when the house was yours
and had heat in the winter
cool air in summer
When you had
deep black dirt to plant
and places to go
and cars you did not have to push
or roll down that rock hill
to start on Sunday morning

How can you say
I was not there
when you were rich
I am the richest of us all
I had you
and the rock house on the hill