By now everyone is aware of the major winter event heading our way.  I was watching television a bit earlier and the level of alarm being sounded by the meteorologists was nothing short of alarming.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the graphic from one of the local stations:

snowmageddon morgan

This of course led me to begin to think of some things that might help people in this time of crisis.  As a public service to the morons who need these sort of instructions, The Route 60 Sentinel would like to provide you with some tips to help keep you in good shape during this blizzard from hell.

things to avoid

Needless to say, this storm could pack a punch.  Be careful on the roads, should you be ignorant enough to drive on them.

“But Route 60, I have to go to work don’t I?”  Nope.  Tell them we told you it was ok to stay home from work.  If the snow hits the fan, I can always write you a note if you need.

Also, and I know this goes without saying, but right now everyone needs to rush out to the store.  They might be running out of milk and bread as you read this!  Hurry!

Also get some steaks for grilling outside in the snow if the power goes out.  And it will.  We’ve been told by authorities (who we can’t name), that power could be out for a couple of days to as long as the beginning of April in some areas.  Ironically, there are some customers that only recently had their power restored from the last winter storm from last year.

If you are crazy enough to venture out in this mess, send us your pictures and we might post them.  We’ll call them “Marks’s Maniacs” and you can get your name on the internet!  Doesn’t that sound fun?  No?  Well, screw you then.

Seriously, for some real tips on winter weather preparedness, see our article with tips from Garfield County Emergency Manager Mike Honigsberg.