We received a little rain last night in the order from 2.5 inches at Douglas, 1.55 at Lahoma, 2.4 at Drummond, 2.35 in far NW Enid, 3.4 at Breckinridge, and a little over 4 inches here in the center of Enid. Needless to say, I am typing this from our rescue boat here in my office. ☺ Not really.

Seriously, we received a lot of rainfall in a few short hours and it did cause some major flooding issues here in town for awhile. I haven’t received any reports out in the county yet but I am sure that there are a few issues out there too. We needed the rainfall but as usual we always seem to go from one extreme to another.
This afternoon, if we clear off, we may have a major round of severe weather as the main storm system out west moves through the area. Heating of the atmosphere will cause destabilization and thus severe weather. If this occurs, we’ll see large hail, winds to 75 and isolated tornadoes as the main threats. Personally, I hope it stays cloudy.

There were several rescues this morning by the Police and Fire Department because people have a tendency to feel that their cars become boats when they drive into water. We preach and warn about this all the time and it still happens. The picture below is from 4th and Elm and you can see the result of driving into this type of water. One thing everyone needs to remember is that you put the lives of our emergency services personnel in danger too, when these things happen so send this email to anyone that feels that their vehicle transforms into a boat when they drive into the water so they can see the reality of what can happen.

I will update early this afternoon if it appears that we may have a severe event as the storm system moves through.  Until then, have a great day and stay safe.


Mike Honigsberg, Certified Director
Enid Emergency Management
P.S. Don’t drive into water.