Last night the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Vancouver fans were not happy about the loss—to say the least.  Following the game, what resulted was a riot in the streets—a sight that is becoming all too common in the past ten years or so.

The first video footage I saw of the riot, was this video featuring a man who’s attempting to prevent store windows from being busted open.  Eventually, he is attacked by the rioters and beaten to the ground.

It’s a fairly graphic video… and as I watched it, I made several observations about the sights that I was looking at.  So, here is what I see.

*I see the concept of “Groupthink” mentality working at its awful best.

*I see only two people in a crowd of thousands who are willing to TRY and prevent people from destroying others private property.

*I see thousands with their phones held high, more intent on video recording the mayhem, rather than trying to put a stop to it.

*I see nicely dressed, affluent kids, in their early teens, attempting to kick in windows and chuckling all the while.  The future looks bright my friends.

*I see several people encouraging the lone man for his efforts, but few who are willing to actually HELP him.

*I see a girl violently shaking a street sign, as if trying to rip it out of the ground—so I guess they don’t have respect for private property OR public property.

*I see a group of three or four men, jumping up and down on a giant blue box (I can’t tell what it is).  They literally look like lower primates… and WE are supposed to be the evolved species.

*I see men breaking glass—and everyone else just standing, watching and recording.  I know I have mentioned this before, but I think that is the one aspect of this video that startles me the most—just how many people are attempting to record the event, but making no effort to stop it.

*I see about twenty people beating up one man, for no reason.

*I see only TWO men willing to help the downed man.

*I see a woman actively trying to PREVENT her companion from helping the beaten man.

*I see the death of humanity.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Think this is an isolate incident? How about the Michigan State riots in 1999, 2003 and again in 2008.  Remember the famous Cleveland Browns beer bottle throwing incident? When thousands of fans threw their beer bottles at referees.  How about the looting that took place during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? How about the recent rash of attacks/beatings that have occurred in fast food locations… I could go on and on and on if I wanted to… We’re in a sad state folks, perhaps we need to take a step back and ask where we’re going wrong.