Ask Nelly!Dear Nelly,
How do I know if I am spending too much time on social networks? I find myself having a panicky feeling that I might be missing something if I do not check my facebook every few hours. Is there something wrong with me? -Status Checker

Dear Status Checker,

Social networks can be very addictive. Hang on…I need to check my Facebook page. (Yes, Nelly Knowsit really is on FB.) What was I saying? Oh, yeah….social networks. The Internet has connected us in such a special and/or superficial way with so many people we know. (And all kinds of weirdos, whom we have never met.) Before social networking, we had to actually call people to find out what they were up to. Or, heaven forbid, we had to actually visit them. Now, we never have to see them again, and we know their every move! I’m going to be very honest here, and tell you I love Facebook, and I used to love Myspace. (Don’t judge me.)  But like millions of people, I find myself with my bum glued to a chair, and my eyes fixed on the screen more often than I should, giving people their advice for the day, and generally being a know-it-all.

The question is…How much time is too much? Are you really feeling panicky if you don’t check your page? Basically, the way to know if you are online gabbing to your friends too much is to take this quiz:

1. Have all of your houseplants died because you don’t care anymore about living things outside of the Facebook world?

2. Have you forgotten what your children’s names are unless you are tagging them in a photo?

3. When you are typing about Facebook, do you simply call it FB?

4. Is your life motto, “I Tweet, therefore I am?”

If you answered yes to these questions, you are likely spending too much time on a social network.

All joking aside, any addiction can cause problems in a person’s life, and take a toll on relationships. Here is an article for more on the subject with some hints for cutting down on your social media use.;contentBody

Till next time, my dears!


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