News Roundup


Its photo roundup time.  I find the coolest stuff and I save them to show you.  Got a cool picture you want to share?  Send it into us at

First of all, this one blows me away.  How is this justice?

American Justice


Little General

I guarantee Roscoe could catch the Duke boys in this.



I wonder if Eric Benson is one of these children?

Michael Jackson

I wonder how drunk Michael had to be to pretend these weren’t female midgets?

Double Dip

First off….WTF is that? Is it ice cream? If so, why is he using a pole to put it on her cone? In addition, why does she need so much of it? I mean, look how skinny she is. She couldn’t half that.




Ok.  so the rest of the pictures are of the creative, domestic variety.  I am constantly finding pictures of very cool bathrooms and I’m always blown away by them.  I have to share some of them with you.  Also, I have found some amazing beds along the way.

Book bed

That’s right. A book bed. The pages actually turn. Creative, but it couldn’t be too comfy on the floor.

Hammock Bed

This bed DOES look comfy. (source:

Star Wars Bed

For the Jedi who has to have everything. The bed can make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs. If you understand that reference, you might be a nerd.


This nest bed looks like a lot of fun. And comfy….Source:


I don’t know if this is a bed. Maybe a couch. It looks dead though. And creepy. But a perfect gift for that creepy cat lady you know


I don’t have stairs in my house, but if I did…so help me GOD, they would look like this.


Is it a shower? Is it a bath? Is it both? Its odd, I know that much.


This is probably my favorite shower. I mean, look at it. Its simple. Its amazing.


Best fish tank ever.

Finally, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t go off the tracks a little bit.  Yes, this has been a photo roundup.  And now, I’m going to post a video.  How many times have you tuned into the news to hear about a convenience store robbery that ended in tragedy?  Well, convenience store owners need to hire this guy in a wheelchair, because nobody would rob that place.

Well, that’s all for this time. Remember, if you have something cool to share whether it is video or photo, pass it along!