This is the second installment of my recap of the second week of the Enid Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Academy.

Captain Tom Nichols

Captain Tom Nichols details his duties within the department

Building on our theme of meeting all the captains (115 years of total experience between the five of them!) so they can explain their divisions functions, we met Captain Tom Nichols.  Captain Tom Nichols has the distinction of being a second generation Captain on the force.  His division is Investigative Services.  This is an area he feels comfortable having spent over half his career in Investigative Services.

In his division, he has 1 lieutenant, 2 sergeant,s 4 adult detectives, 4 juvenile detectives, and 1 detective whose whole job is to do nothing but work on domestic violence cases and some sexual assault stuff.  He asked us, “Would you ever believe that Enid, Oklahoma would have enough domestic violence to keep him busy?”  Virtually everyone in the room immediately stated that yes, we believed Enid did.  The answer was more than correct.  This detective is provided to the department based on a grant.  Based on their initial estimations provided for the grant, the detective does 5 to 6 times more cases than they expected.  This just sickens me Enid.  C’mon!

Adult investigators, they investigate a wide gambit of stuff.  They work homicides, questioned deaths (some suicides etc.), armed robberies, sexual assaults, burglaries, stalking cases, fraud, elder abuse and exploitation, and bank robberies.

“Juvenile detectives work sexual abuses, physical abuses and some of the most horrendous things you’ve ever  heard of perpetrated on children,” Nichols said.  “It takes a special person to deal with stuff like that.  I’m fortunate to have been blessed with two great detectives (he’s short-handed currently) who are real go-getters.”

Evidence is another area he is in charge of.  The evidence handling is actually done by citizens.  Sort of.  “I have the great luxury that both of my evidence guys are retired police officers.   They both have great experience and it makes things easier.”


Captain Kevin Morris is in charge of Support Services.  He is the newest Captain in the force.  One of the things he is in charge of is the 911 Center.  He is also the assistant Emergency Manager of the City of Enid.  He has 16 operators, 4 supervisors, and 1 Lieutenant.


Captain Kevin Morris

Captain Kevin Morris talks about support services

He also is in charge of the records division.  He has 5 clerks and a supervisor. Every report written gets entered into computer systems.  They spend 90% of their time doing that.  2 clerks take walk-ins at the front.  They also recently changed the hours.  The front used to close at 5, but to be more friendly to the public, they now stay open until 7pm.

“During the move, I found some arrest records from all the way back to the 1920 and 1921,” Morris said.  The reports have changed over time, but now they keep all incident reports and become permanent in the system.

He is also the jail coordinator.  So, he works with the County, who the PD has a contract with to have beds out at the County Detention Center.

He is also in charge of the Animal Control Department.  In something that just floored the entire group is that the department picks up so many stray animals, they can only hold the animal for 7 days.  And then if no one claims it, they have to destroy it.  On a monthly basis, they 80 or 90 dogs, 80 or 90 cats, and many other animals.  They put about 80 dogs, 80 cats, and about 20 other animals to death each month.  We were all floored by this number.


Lt. Singleton

Lt. Singleton shows us the ins and outs of the 911 Center.

After talking with Captain Morris, we were given a tour of the Garfield County and Enid 911 Center by Lt. Ryan Singleton.  I’m going to go ahead and state for the record that the 911 center was impressive.  I had been given a tour by Chief O’Rourke a few weeks ago and was impressed then.  But this time, we were able to see everything in action.  I was very impressed with all of the people working in there.  I have no idea how they function with all the tv screens and computer screens.  It’s an amazing operation.  Simply put.


That was pretty much it for week 2.  Although, Officer Darin Morris did try to tell several of us after the Academy was over that night, that as a surprise, Chief O’Rourke would be volunteering to take a shot with the taser during the taser demo in a few weeks.  So that should fun!  And thanks to Officer Morris for the scoop.