Below is Bob Berry’s reaction to the judicial ruling on 9/29/2011 by Judge Paul Woodward.

“As you may know, the City prevailed this morning as it regards no one having to get a Site Plan reviewed or approved for any development downtown. I disagree, but that and 25 cents gets you a glass of tap water. I am not sure what we will do with this setback  to best development practices, but we are in for the long haul.

On the other hand the City did not prevail on eliminating parking downtown which we will continue to pursue as it is also tied to ADA violations the City currently has. Also there is still the October 24th last phase as it concerns Construction Management.

Further, there will be the City’s public explanation of total project cost as defined by their own contracts. Renaissance’s actual cost appears to exceed $39,000,000 a far cry from the $20,000,000 stated so many times. Then there is building Global Spectrum a $1.2 million catering kitchen with public funds to shut out local restaurants, plus matters still being uncovered. I doubt this is going away any time soon. This “fast track” by the City gives a cover up appearance for things not disclosed.  I am sure there will be more on all of this from all sides for some time to come.”


Below is Eric Benson’s reaction to the judicial ruling on 9/29/2011 by Judge Paul Woodward.

“I am confident the community of Enid has always known their leadership, both elected and appointed, are following all rules and statutes; such has always been and remain the case no matter the issue. This decision underscores that truth”

Mr. Benson offered a denial of Mr. Berry’s claims regarding the cost of the project and Global Spectrum.