Hey there, Route 60 Sentinel readers, I’ve been out of commission for a while, but it’s good to be back.

This is a new kind of column for me, so it might take me a while to refine my style. It was our hope to just bring some interesting news articles to everyone, that they might have otherwise missed– because we’re aware that not everyone sits around and scours the internet for news.

Since this is my first time out, I have included a few articles that are a couple of weeks old… but, I hope to make this a weekly endeavor, in an effort to continuously offer current stories.


Most of you are probably aware that the big story of the last month has been the “Occupy whatever” protests (fill in the ‘whatever’ with the name of your favorite large city). So, my first three links are all associated with that movement:

Apparently, the “Occupy” protesters have adopted Robin Hood as their mascot. A strange choice for a group that’s in favor of bigger government and higher taxes—perhaps they shouldn’t chosen a defender of personal property who despised tax collectors (make sure you read the blue/gray box).

Note to protesters: Robin Hood stole from the government, not the other way around.

This next story is just the very definition of irony. These pro-communists are out protesting against Capitalism, and they’re getting their stuff stolen from them:

Come on! It’s just a redistribution of wealth! Isn’t that what your ultimate goal is?

And here’s one more regarding the “Occupy” crowd. If you’ll watch this video, it might be a decent indicator of the caliber of individual at the “Occupy” protests. This protester first ignores the yellow caution tape, and then proceeds to DANCE on a monument dedicated to fallen soldiers:

She can dance, she can jive, having the time of her life… or something like that.

Oh, and one more that’s semi-related to the protests. One can’t help but point out that all of these people who are so opposed to capitalism, have absolutely no problem utilizing the amazing technology that capitalism has given us. As this article here so eloquently demonstrates:

An inkjet printer for $379!

Alright, enough about the “Occupy” crowd. I’ve found some other items of interest in the past couple of weeks.

First up, here’s an absolutely terrifying article about a futuristic “crime pre-detection” device that might be implemented soon.

Thought-Crime… coming to an airport near you. I guess we really ARE living in the future… next thing you know, we’ll all be driving rocket ships, and talking with our minds…

Before I offer up another link, I have to stop and talk about that last story for a second. So, let me get this straight… it monitors breathing patterns, eye movement, blinking rate, and alterations in body heat….to determine whether someone is going to commit a crime?

So, if a guy is in a quick shop, and he’s getting ready to buy an adult magazine, and he’s really worried about someone he knows seeing him… his breathing rate would change, he’d be looking around suspiciously, he’d probably start sweating… so would they arrest him because they thought he was getting ready to rob the quickie mart?

How about at an airport? A guy is cheating on his wife… he’s got the mistress with him, getting ready to take off a ‘get away’… he might experience those same nervous symptoms. Does he get pulled aside for being a potential terrorist?

(for the record, I neither condone or endorse buying adult-oriented magazines or cheating on your wife).

More politics for you. The “Occupy” movement is not the only thing happening on the political landscape. In case you haven’t heard, the primaries are just a few months away. Not long ago, the Republican candidates had a debate at Dartmouth college. Given what I know about college students, this makes about as much sense as going to a NasCar race and trying to get people to sign up in support of more fuel efficient vehicles.

I’m not sure if that analogy made any sense, but the point is… the Republican candidates basically walked onto a campus where well over half the student body was opposed to them, and the ones who weren’t, were probably too stoned or drunk to realize there was a debate taking place.

These are some very angry young people. What are they angry about? Just about everything.

I wonder what it’s like to be mad at EVERYTHING all the time.

And just a couple questions… why exactly is Herman Cain a clown? One student is very specific about using that word to describe him. What exactly has he done that is “clownish”?

For a group that would surely claim to be opposed to labels and name calling… they sure do a lot of it. Just in that one little article, I spotted the following words: Nazi, c*nt, clown, buffoon, clownish, crazy, racist and grinch…. and it’s not even that long of an article. What a bunch of fun people they must be.

There’s turmoil in the Middle East? I would have never guessed. This next article fully illustrates the cultural differences between where we live, and other parts of the world. I know there are people out there who try to argue “if we just try to understand their culture, we’ll understand why they do things like this.” But I’m sorry:

there is no understanding this, and there is no excuse for it.

Here’s an education story for you. I’m still trying to research this one a bit. But, to me, it sounds like it could be a sneaky way to get states to agree to something, without being fully aware of what they are agreeing to. They are all so eager to get out of “No Child Left Behind” they might just end up involved in something more controlling and more centralized (not to mention, further expanding the power of the Presidency while he’s at it).

We had Obamacare, is this is the beginning of Obamaducation?

Really, I’m not sure which is the bigger story in that article. The ramifications it might have on Education, or the fact that the President is acting without Congress.

On the lighter side of the news… first we have THIS GUY:

At least he has a cool costume!

I’m just guessing this dude isn’t quite that sculpted underneath that outfit. I also think it’s cool that he even has a sidekick!

And last but not least… they are considering a remake of Cannonball Run:

I wonder if they’ll include Captain Chaos.

First off, as a huge fan of the original, let me just say, this is blasphemy. But, I’ll also say this. This movie WILL get made, and it will basically be an hour and a half long car commercial for GM products. If they let Guy Ritchie make the movie, it will have the most amazing trailer you have ever seen for a movie—but the movie itself will be dreadfully boring. Here’s hoping they go with Shawn Levy.

That’s all the news I’ve got for now folks, hope you enjoyed that. I’ll see you next week.