I’d like to express my utter delight that Halloween and Trick or Treating was on a Monday this year! That’s right…I am HAPPY with this arrangement. Here’s why: All of the “events” were on the weekend. That meant that everyone was “free” to trick or treat! There were crowds and crowds of kids and parents, having a good old fashioned romp in the dark, without the distractions of “festivals”, “trunk or treat”, and parties. It was the closest thing to my memories of Halloween that I’ve seen in many years. The weather was phenomenal, and many people were sitting in their yards, handing out candy and visiting with their neighbors, marveling at the costumes, and offering candy even to the parents.


I think that Halloween has become very disjointed in the recent past. People drive to the trunk or treat places, drive to the festivals, drive to the Mall…but they’re not hanging out with friends and neighbors. They’re getting lots of candy, but little interaction. Halloween is more fun when you have a big group of kids and parents who know each other, and they can enjoy something more important than candy and costumes…it’s called community.


-Melodie Lunday