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The Wilderness of Pop-ups

wilderness of downtownActually, this one is called “The Wilderness of Downtown.”  When you go to this site, it will ask you for your address.  You don’t have to type in your address if you don’t want to do so.  Heck, type in Lowe’s address so the big bad internet boogie man doesn’t come get you.  It’s 5201 West Garriott Road.  Let the whole thing play out once it loads.  I have to tell you to be sure your pop-up blocker is off or you won’t really gain anything here.  So, yes now I’m asking you to turn your pop-up blocker off AND put in your actual address.  I’m betting a few of you just de-friended us on Facebook because of that.

The Wilderness Downtown



The McRib



Ok.  Let’s talk about the McRib.  Any McRib fans?  I’m betting not after this article.  Ironically, I had an interesting article all lined up with interesting facts about the McRib, including when it was first released, how it gets it’s shape, and other fun facts.  Well, one of the facts listed out the ingredients.

The first ingredient to draw my attention was ammonium sulfate.  For those who don’t know, that’s something generally used in fertilizer, pesticides, and insecticide.  And yes, it’s a food additive.  And not just McDonald’s uses it.  The second one, I didn’t recognize.  It was called azodicarbonamide.  What’s that?  Well, it also is a food additive.  Nothing creepy right?  WRONG.  Guess what else it can be used for?  It can be used to make the soles of your shoes, or any foam product such as a yoga mat or a foam weatherizing strip.  Yeah, they put that in there.  Apparently, it’s “safe” though.  Still lovin’ it?




Good Sportsmanship

Ok.  After something disgusting, I must give you something sweet to warm your heart.  The announcers will say it all for me.


Commas are Important

I’ll admit it.  My grammar is not perfect.  So, if you find a mistake on the site, feel free to email me about it.  I’m not perfect.  But if I ever make one like this one, let me know ASAP.

commas are important


Like a Greased Pig in a Blanket

bacon lube

This one goes out to anyone who might have attended Baconalia 2010.  Now, I realize I’ve already had one pig related item this time, but what’s one more?  And besides, we’ve learned a McRib is only partially pig and partially foam.  But this…well, I think it kind of explains itself.

Here is a link to J&D’s website for those that want to inquire further.  J&D’s Bacon Lube












That brings this edition of Internet Items of Interest to a close.  I do want to thank everyone who has visited the website this year.  While the year is not over, we have already destroyed last year’s statistics in terms of unique visitors and site visits!  But here’s one interesting fact.  On Facebook, we have 520 fans.  Which compared to most blogs, is kind of low.  Don’t get me wrong, our site visits are still great!  But if each one of our Facebook fans was some how able to get each and every one of their friends to “Like” us, we would have 117,950 fans.  That blows me away.  So, let’s just shoot for half your friends ok?
If we don’t speak again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a great time with their families and can enjoy the break the holiday affords you.  If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!  If you celebrate Hanukkah, Happy Hanukkah!  If you celebrate Kwanza, Happy Kwanza!  If you celebrate something else…..Happy something else!