Welcome to a new feature here on Route 60.  Fact or Fiction.  Basically, we know that a lot of news that is pushed out to the public, both local and otherwise (but mainly from the Snooze & Beagle) is not always , shall we say…..correct in any shape or form.  This does the citizens a huge disservice.  We are here to fix that.  And as always, we welcome not only your input, but your help.  If you have facts and can match it up with printed fiction, let us know.  Just hit the “Contact Us” button at the top of the page and let us know!

Our first case:  The Case of the Mysterious Vote

On January 5, 2012, the Enid News & Eagle (or as I prefer to call them…the Snooze & Beagle)  printed an article about the previous night’s city council meeting.  In the article, writer Robert Barron wrote the following:\

An ordinance banning new billboards and other types of signs was one of four approved by Enid City Commission Thursday night, after a series of public hearings to take input from residents. ( Source:  ENE article)

That’s the very first sentence in the article and it is completely false.  Why?  Because the commission didn’t vote anything.  Not a cotton-picking thing.  No ordinances were passed.  This was a public hearing on possible changes to ordinances.

Now, there very well could be more errors in this article.  but to completely misinform the public like this is tragic.  I have heard rumors of the paper failing to properly report things for many years.  I brushed it off as mere rumor.  But the more and more I heard it, the more and more it made me wonder about it.

I know I was grossly misquoted in article in 1987 (I think).  They took my words and twisted them to fit their own cause.  Granted it was a story about students on April Fool’s Day, but still.  I felt cheated.  Imagine how the City feels when night after night, the paper gets things wrong from the meetings.  They report it to the masses via their 19th century method of printing words on paper and pretty soon, people begin to believe that what the paper says is true.  I’m here to tell you.  It’s not.  The paper is slanted in a conservative matter and there are plenty of things that happen in this town that do not get reported as such.

So, you have to ask yourself.  Do you trust a paper that continues to get it wrong?  Is it a writer that is the problem?  The lack of editor?  (I honestly don’t think the editor is the problem because the last one was….well, I’ll let that go to be nice.)  Here you have a paper telling you as FACT that the city has passed ordinances when in fact, they didn’t even come close!

I’ve heard they printed a small correction at some point after the fact, but the damage was done.  Nobody reads corrections.

I’m including the minutes of the City Council meeting in question for your own perusal.  Read it.  And then compare it to the article that Robert Barron wrote.  It’s just sad.  You may want to open it in full screen so that it is easier to read.

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So, was the article fact or fiction?  In this case, we have rule overwhelmingly in favor of FICTION!