When one hears a news story concerning the Denver Broncos’ Tim Tebow, it isn’t long before the young quarterback’s faith is brought into the discussion. 

According to a national survey conducted by Poll Position, when 1,076 Americans were asked about the success of the Denver Broncos this past season with Tebow at the helm, 43 percent responded that they believed “divine intervention” was responsible for his accomplishments compared to 42 percent who did not.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for many who viewed the poll was the fact that younger Americans held an edge over older Americans in the “Yes Jesus Cares Who Wins a Football Game” category with a score of 52 percent for the 18-29-year-olds to just 48 percent for the 45-64 age bracket.

Note: Older Americans are still concerned that younger generations don’t have enough Jesus in their life.  End Note: Maybe younger generations just care too much about sports.

Hispanics polled were most likely to feel that Jesus was guiding Tebow’s passes into the dirt while somehow helping lead him to victory.  Eighty-one percent of Hispanics polled said that Jesus was certainly aiding in Tebow’s success while only 38 percent of whites felt so.

If the majority of responders to this poll are correct, Jesus has no problem with the devout Christian and former Heisman Trophy winner working on Sundays.  The Great Maker does, however, seem to be a much bigger New England Patriots fan as the Pats eliminated Jesus’ Broncos from the playoffs by trouncing them for the second time in less than a month by a combined score of 86-33.   

After examining all the public opinion, polls, and talking heads on TV and radio, apparently the vast majority of Americans still do not feel that the high school state champion and All American, two-time BCS National Champion, three time collegiate All American, Heisman Trophy winning, Davey Obrien Award recipient, 2007 AP Player of the Year, 2007 NCAA QB of the year, 2008 Manning Award recipient, two-time Maxwell Award winning, 2009 recipient of the William V. Cambell Trophy is good enough to win a football game at any level on his own.