Wayback Wednesday

Don’t shoot the messenger.  I was in our fantastic library recently doing some research on another story.  I was perusing the 1940 back issues of the Enid paper and something caught my eye.  Here it is:

Fat Girls Ad

Advertisment taken from the June 20, 1940 edition of the Enid paper

Now, I know it’s really hard to read.  It’s an ad I think for something to help fat girls work on their weight issues.   Here is the text as best as I can transcribe it from the crappy copy.

Now you can slim down your face and figure without strict dieting or….exercises.  Just eat sensibly and take 4 Marmola tablets a day according to the directions.

Marmola tablets have been sold for more than thirty years.  More than 20 million boxes have been distributed during that time.

Marmola is not intended as a cure all for all ailments.  This advertisement is intended only for fat people who are normal and healthy otherwise and whose fatness is caused by a reduction in the secretion from the thyroid gland (hypo-thyroidism) with accompanying subnormal metabolic rates.  No other representation as to this treatment except under these conditions and…to the dosage as recommended.

We do not make any diagnosis as that is the function of your physician who must be…for that purpose.  The formula is included in every package.  Start with Marmola today and win the slender, lovely figure that is rightfully yours.


I’ve done some research, and these ads were very common back in those days.  They were in nearly every newspaper.  The catch turned out to be that Marmola tablets were not always healthy for you.  The government eventually stepped in, and thankfully we don’t have to see these ads in papers anymore.