The Urban MuseOne of my favorite places to go in Enid is a place I go almost every day: Finer Physiques. Finer Physiques is in the Willow Plaza shopping center, conveniently located next to DaVinci’s Coffee Shop, where I can get coffee before and after my workouts. It’s also located near Jumbo Foods, which I frequent for the best-ever cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.

Maybe it’s the endorphins talking, but I have the best mornings ever. After getting up at 5 a.m. to start the morning routine of getting a kid to school, writing and drinking coffee, I go to Finer Physiques- a place of health and wellness that happens to be full of friendly, smiling faces. It’s hard not to notice that the management has spent a lot of time on the details, and the employees take pride in their jobs.

I’ve attended a few gyms in my time. Most of the time, I would mosey on in, jog on the elliptical for 40 minutes and then leave without even breaking a sweat. And then there were the unfriendly staff members, or the disinfectant spray that was always empty.

Finer Physiques is a little different. I might still come and go without much ado, but I’m a happier person knowing that this gym in the total package. It’s clean. They have great equipment. There’s a smoothie bar, and even childcare. There are great classes at times that are actually convenient. Personal trainers and instructors are nothing but professional.  The place is always packed, maybe because of the competitive prices. And I can say firsthand that customer service is superior. I know, right?

I drop off my 18-month old off in the kid’s fitness room with caretakers I’ve come to trust and friends that he looks forward to playing with. I get my morning workout with fitness classes led by genuine instructors. In these classes, I’ve discovered some really great Enid-ites. I was surprised to learn that these people know a lot about each other. They know about each other’s families. They get concerned about people who are absent. They may even indulge in some harmless gossip about the latest trashy TV show. When I pick up my son an hour later, he’s always smiling (which is so important!), and I, consequently, usually feel really good.

I hate to admit it, but I actually have free access to the gym on Vance Air Force Base. I have rarely used it, mostly because I have two small children and can’t drag them along. For me, the childcare option at Finer Physiques won me over first and foremost. I figured I’d find something wrong with the place sooner or later and have to go back to Wii Fit. I haven’t yet.

Kudos to the hard-working employees and managers at Finer Physiques for a fine gym, indeed.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for anyone in Enid. I have no relatives in Enid (and barely any friends). I don’t get money or promotional items to promote anyone’s business. This is just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

Sarina Houston: Sarina comes to Enid after spending four years in the UK eating crumpets and jet-setting to Europe’s best vacation destinations. She has lived in 12 homes in six different states and two different countries. Somewhere along the way, she picked up a handsome military husband, two equally handsome little boys, a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science, and a knack for writing. When she isn’t writing articles or flying airplanes, she can be found battling ninja warriors, racing Hot Wheels, or picking bits of dried Play-Doh out of the carpet. She can’t stop drinking coffee and will sleep any chance she gets. Sarina is chasing careers in both aviation and journalism, and like everyone else, continues to seek the ultimate life balance.