Way Back Wednesday: Bonnie & Clyde and the Enid Connection

Wayback WednesdayI needed to get the “Breaking News” of the gas leak off the top of the news, PLUS we haven’t had a Wayback Wednesday in awhile.   So, thanks to Jade Powell and the nice folks at the Public Library of Enid & Garfield County, we have this little nugget of information to chew on.  If you like crime, you’ll love it.  If you like Enid, you’ll love it.Public Library

You’ll get way more out of it, if you hit the fullscreen button. It will be much easier to read and see everything.

Author: Mark Keefer

Mark was born not in Enid, America but rather Okeene. At a very young age, his family transplanted to Enid and he has lived his entire life here except for a 4 year stint in the Kansas City area. As a child, he watched as the T-37s and T-38s roar over head. He smelled Champlin Refinery in all of its glory and later saw the glow in the sky from the fire. He remembers the sight of wheat trucks hauling in the harvest to some of the world's largest grain elevators. He attended Tri-State back when it was more than a one hour event and the carnival wasn't "over there by the pool hall." Yes, Mark is a true Northwest Oklahoma. Mark strongly believes in Enid's potential and is currently raising his family here based on that belief. He also still believes in Santa Claus so take that for what it's worth Fun Fact: Mark hopes one day to be inducted into the mythical "City Fathers" club in Enid.

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