Longfellow Student Seriously Injured

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An altercation between two students at Longfellow Middle School on Tuesday resulted in one of them needing medical treatment.

At about 12:45 p.m., an ambulance was dispatched to Longfellow for a student with a broken nose and two teeth knocked out.  (Source: http://enidnews.com/localnews/x1344829772/Longfellow-fight-leads-to-injuries)

To hear that account, it sounds as if perhaps it was just two kids who got a bit out of control in a fight.  Fights happen all the time.  This one just got bad right?

You bet your ass it did.  And that article does it NO justice.  None at all.  It’s nearly shameful.

Take a look at this picture that is circulating around the internet.  Longfellow Student













I have attempted to contact his mother and am awaiting a reply from her to get more of this story.

Some of the rumors I have heard are saying that most of this damage was done to him AFTER he was completely knocked out.  In addition, I am hearing that the other student in this incident was not a student at Longfellow and might have been a student at Enid High School.  Again, these are rumors for right now.  I can’t confirm anything.  (UPDATE:  The other student was a student at Longfellow, not a high school student as first rumored.)

The victim is still in the hospital and is going to be (or already had) surgery.  Harmless fight right?  Wrong.

What the hell is wrong with people?  How does this happen?  Why are our schools so full of violence, bullying, and the like?  What’s it going to take to correct this stuff?  A death?  Because it looks like we just came close to that.  And if you ask me, if a person is knocked out and you continue to inflict harm like this on someone, you aren’t just trying to hurt them.  You’re trying to kill them.  If that is indeed the case, I hope that the Garfield County District Attorney files attempted murder charges on the person who inflicted this.

Now, I’m not naive.  I know there are always two sides to every story.  Fights always have two sides to them.  And facts need to come out.  But that picture is worth a thousand words.   I was a Longfellow Mustang.  I do not have Mustang Pride today.

Let’s pray for him and his family. I would also like to direct everyone to our main page and the link to “Stand for the Silent.”  It’s a group dedicated to eradicating bullying.

I’ll close with this from someone who is going out of their way to help.  They are setting up a bank account to help the family.



Author: Mark Keefer

Mark was born not in Enid, America but rather Okeene. At a very young age, his family transplanted to Enid and he has lived his entire life here except for a 4 year stint in the Kansas City area. As a child, he watched as the T-37s and T-38s roar over head. He smelled Champlin Refinery in all of its glory and later saw the glow in the sky from the fire. He remembers the sight of wheat trucks hauling in the harvest to some of the world's largest grain elevators. He attended Tri-State back when it was more than a one hour event and the carnival wasn't "over there by the pool hall." Yes, Mark is a true Northwest Oklahoma. Mark strongly believes in Enid's potential and is currently raising his family here based on that belief. He also still believes in Santa Claus so take that for what it's worth Fun Fact: Mark hopes one day to be inducted into the mythical "City Fathers" club in Enid.

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  1. Stand for the Silent is an excellent organization. I’m very glad you mentioned them. I don’t know if all of the area schools have had them come and speak, but they NEED to.

  2. There was a girl that got beat up pretty good at Waller just last week and the kids took out their phones to record it, then posted it to YouTube. The girl inflicting damage skipped class just to start the fight. Where are the teachers in all this mess?

  3. Yes there is 2 sides to the story and everybody that keeps saying that the kid that did this and the parents should have their a** beat. Well then you are no better than any other bully and the child that got hurt was the 1 who started it all. Are you gonna beat his and his parents a** just because someone finally stood up to him? No bullying isn’t OK, my son got bullied for years because he was smaller than all the other kids and we went to the principal and everything but teaching him to stand up for himself was the only thing that worked and walking away from insecure kids that bullied. To me the problem is all the hate and judgmental people that live in society and we need to teach our kids that no matter what race, color, creed or sexual orientation a person is that they are still 100% HUMAN.

  4. Sounds to me like the school board needs to demand a required meeting for the parents to attend concerning their childrens behavior. I would not pass the child if the parent didn’t attend. The parents are just as much to blame for the behavior of these children as anyone. The example needs to start at home. It is not just the ones throwing the punches or the words that have the problem. It is the spectators not holding them accountable for their actions. No one should be recording fights and posting them to youtube. What an uncivilized society is this becoming? It is like we are regressing back to the stone age. Everyone needs to set the standards high and raise up to meet them.

  5. You said you won’t publish his name, but it’s published in the bank account snippet. Just thought I’d let you know.

    • Wasn’t truly aware that was his name. I was quoting the person who published the bank account information on Facebook. It’s apparent now that is his name, so I will remove the portion of the article saying I won’t publish his name. It’s out in the public and people seem to know who he is at this point.

  6. I feel very sad by the whole thing.. Kids, beating other kids to such extremes.. all this talk of kids being tried for attempted murder.. the whole situation makes me very sad. I dont know how the world has come to such violence.. They are children…. :(. I feel bad for both situations.. I feel bad that a child would have enough anger inside him to do such a thing, and i feel bad that we have to take such extreme measures to discipline a child.

    • Yes there are two sides for example my child who attends a different middle school was repeatedly bukkied by the same three kids almost everyday. Then one day one of the boys kicked him behind the knee and he turned and warned the boy that if he touched him again he was going to get his ass knocked out. One would think that the little 120 punk would have listened when the 6′ tall 220 lbs kid said stop he would listen, but unfotunatly for him he didn’t and my son blasted him one time in the face breaking his teeth almost completely removed his upper lip ( was held on by the corners of his mouth) rendering him unconscious for almost 15 min. My son told him when he woke up that he was sorry that he had to defend himself and felt bad for hitting him. anyway the school suspended my son for 5 days and tried to say that my son was assaulted by the bully and in the same sentence said my son assaulted him back even tho the police officer clear said my son defended himself. I told the Principal if he would step outside i would show him the difference between assault and self defense. our kids are expected to be continually be hit and not allowed to defend themselves with out reprocutions. I want to know one how is that fair some times it teaches a kid to kip there hands to there selves and mouths shut, and where were the teachers at when this occurred? sounds to me there needs more attention towards bulling as well as enough staff to stop fights.

  7. WHERE WERE ANY SCHOOL OFFICIALS???????? When we send our kids to school every day we expect them to be safe from harm. No one will ever know the full and true story 100% and it doesn’t really matter. If this child was unconscious and the other continued to stomp on him then the punishment should be severe and swift no matter what said unconscious boy may or may not have done in the past. The school also holds some responsibility in this as well. There needs to be some other form of punishment besides school suspension-that’s a vacation for these kids and they love it. Community service of some kind maybe, but definitely something not as enjoyable as being at home watching tv or playing games, etc – they need plenty to do to keep them busy. These kids are so violent and it’s everywhere around them, it is so disturbing, scary and sad. Makes sense many are turning to home schooling their children these days, the alternative could lead to their death.

  8. It’s really sad what happened. Even if the boy that got hurt was a bully, that doesn’t give someone the right to hurt him so badly. Kids should stand up to their bullies, but there is a huge difference between standing up for yourself and inflicting damage to someone after they can no longer defend themselves.

  9. we all have opinion BUT something needs be doneSTOP THIS SHT IN ENID AMERIC WHO really thinks our d a will do anything hell veichlecur manslauther gets u weekends n jail for a year for taking a LIFE

  10. preston!!!!! wat have they done im sooooooooo sorry everyone at school is praying we love you so many people where crying and missing you WE LOVE YOU CANT WAIT TO C U AND GIVE U A HUG :’)

  11. wat r u people talkin bout he even told him he didnt wanna fight and e en after being knocked out i c him being kneed and kicked in the face wat r yalll probs ilove prestn he’s a really good freind he like a bro to me he s a nice aazing guy and i scream and scream and crying into my bfs neck the same time i look over at him he lifts his head up and blood as everywhere i about pounched a chick in the face when she starts laughing but my freakin freinds practiclly drag me away from her >:'( its not his fault he was speakin the truth i think they should go back to there mean and they piss us all of punch people for no reasons and dont get mad at the factulty it wasnt there fault we where screamimg he needs help he needs help STOP!!!!!!!!!my freind katie runs in the office screming HE NEEDS HELP CALL 911!!!!1

    • Cadence. I feel like you’re trying to tell us what you saw, but it’s kinda hard to read (us adults and our lack of ability to read “texting”, lol).

      Can you tell us what you saw and what happened since you were there? If it’s easier you can email it to me here at the website at route60sentinel@gmail.com.

    • Comments like what you said that they need to return to the islands is what started this. Nobody is 100% anything but human and they have the right to live here just as much as you do. It’s kids like you Cadence that keep the hate in the world going.

  12. This is sick and demented! Bullying should be outlawed! and these parents should be fined for their child acting out like this! I would press charges and press charges against the school!where were the teachers when this poor boy was being beat to almost death! this is just sick! And when is it gonna stop! What is it gonna take!

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