As many of you have read in the ENE, the Enid Public School system is reacting now to the incident involving two students at Longfellow.  The incident, as we reported, left one student needing surgery.

The Route 60 Sentinel just received an email statement from Enid Superintendent Shawn Hime.  Here is the text of that email:

Nothing is more important than the safety of our students. The EPS Police Department is investigating the situation, and legal charges are pending. Our thoughts and prayers are with the student as he recovers from his injuries.

Summary of what was reported to me:

During lunch recess on Tuesday, two students got into a verbal altercation that became physical. The teachers supervising the playground ran to the fight, which stopped. School administrators called 911 for ambulance assistance, as well as the injured student’s parents.

Hime also forwarded a copy of the police report.  As always, rather than try to summarize it for you, Route 60 prefers to show you the actual document for you to read.  You can use the full-screen button to see it in a larger size or download the document to read on your own computer.

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Opinion:  The injured student should not have told the other student to go back to the Islands.  That was bad.  But neither party should have engaged in pushing and shoving.  The incident was out of control at that point.  And nothing, and I mean nothing, can justify pounding on someone after they are knocked out.