City Commissioner Tammy Wilson was brutally attacked by Eli Berry, son of Bob Berry, as she was walking back to her office from the downtown Enid Post Office.  Coincidentally, her office happens to be in the Broadway Tower, owned and operated by the Berry family.  As has been previously reported, the City and the Berry family are tied up in a heated and contentious scuttlebutt about various issues with the downtown Renaissance project.

Our roving reporter caught up with Eli Berry to get his version of the incident.


Vindictive driver, Eli Berry is shown here in an undated photo that we blatantly stole from his Facebook page

“I was traveling south on Grand Avenue and I was at the light at Grand and Broadway when I saw her. You could call it a “Target of Opportunity”… Tammy Wilson was walking east across Grand. Like a sniper in the Middle East I simply was hoping that she was heading into my path. She chose to then cross to the north block of Broadway. ‘Now’s my chance,’ I thought. ‘It’s my chance to prove to the City that we mean business.’ As I sped up, I screamed out the open window of my car…’I’m no PUPPET!'”

Wilson escaped the melee with very little damage.

Tammy Wilson

Victim Tammy Wilson, seen here in this undated picture...we had to crop someone out. But they were making the same "duck face" as she was. So, you can just imagine it.

“Tammy is quicker than I thought,” added Berry.

“I was walking along, enjoying the view of the steel rising out of the ground at the construction site of the elegant new event center and all of the sudden I hear this maniacal screaming and see this ivory Nissan come tearing around the corner and I realized it was Eli and he was coming straight at me…” Wilson recounted. “I would have expected this from Angelica after the recent Junior Welfare League vote, but Eli, not so much. I’m thinking about suing him.”
This account is “based on a true story” but some facts have been changed to make it more interesting. The two really did have an interaction in the crosswalk and then joked about what the headline would be if it really happened and collaborated on the story. Moral: business is business and at the end of the day, friends can still laugh together.