Yes, Virginia there is a bridge that eats trucks for lunch.

Yes, with the detours around the Garriott Street railroad crosses, it has brought up some of the Maine Street bridge hits.  I’m told we are either at 2 or 3 hits just in a few days.  This reminded me of a story that I was going to run a long time ago.  I had planned on doing a video with various people.  The major players all said yes to being a part of this with the exception of one or two who shall forever remain nameless.  It would have been fun and I think everyone would have loved it.  So rather than let it sit on the shelf much longer, I thought I would share the screenplay that I wrote up as a part of this idea.  Oh…and after that enjoy the dashboard camera of a truck actually hitting the bridge.  Ironically, this particular truck hitting the bridge was one of Route 60’s first stories.  At least I seem to remember covering it early on.  Any way, enjoy.

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