There are several items I wanted to bring to you all today.

First of all, The Fire Weather Watch has been trumped by a Red Flag Warning by the NWS. The Red Flag Warning was issued due to expected higher winds, high temps, and very low humidity. We have been averaging 10-15% humidity for quite some time and this is why fires are so easily started. Even though the winds have been fairly low, fire creates its own weather sometimes and this is why this situation is so dangerous. We remain in a Heat Advisory through Saturday evening. The County Commissioners will be instituting a Countywide Burn Ban, most likely, later today. Official notification will come through the media when that is accomplished. Normally, the state has already issued one but for some reason they haven’t issued a statewide ban. Hopefully they will soon.  UPDATE:  Governor Fallin has issued a statewide burn ban. 

Here are the burn bad guidelines:

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Secondly: There is a chance for rain on Saturday as a front moves into the area. Keep in mind that any rain will be minimal so any rain we receive will not be a drought buster by any means. If you have been out this morning, you probably saw rain falling at a distance with a few showers. An outflow boundary is in the area again this morning and is actually producing a shower or two and then they just dissipate. This boundary will push back north and go away per say and then we will await the front tomorrow. The key issue with storms tomorrow will be in an atmosphere as we have right now, and if you remember last year, storms will build very quickly, there may be torrential rainfall, and then the storms will collapse giving us very strong straight-line winds. Don’t forget the lightning potential too. Storms can produce lightning on average when they reach about 9 to 12 thousand feet. Just stay weather aware today and tomorrow.

Highs today will average around 106-111 with fairly strong winds from the southwest at 10-20 mph. Again, the FIRE DANGER IS EXTREME.

Third: A few things to keep in mind as you know, we have had the road buckle at Oakwood and Garriott last year during the heat wave. There are several other areas around the state where this is happening this year. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION when you are driving out on the highway or even here in town for these type of road conditions. I saw on national television from a highway camera where the road had buckled and a driver didn’t see it and wham!!! They hit this at a high speed and had a wreck. If you see anything like this out and about here in town or anywhere in the county or even if you are traveling, contact your nearest city, county or state agency so they can address this dangerous condition. This can even happen on dirt roads so be careful out there.

Fourth and close to the last thing: There have been several people tell me that they aren’t getting some of their warning emails from several of their notification systems they have subscribed to. I have stated for a long time to NOT depend on email for any kind of WARNING. Email goes through a different network and once you hit send, you may get that email instantly or in an hour or worst case, not at all. It depends on how they are routed through the internet and if there is a glitch out there, you may not get it at all. This is why these emails I send are not time sensitive except I hope you receive them in a timely fashion on the day I send them. SMS is the best way to receive information at least right now. This is something we all pay for through our cell phone plans. And this is another warning for those who depend solely on your phone for everything, If that network goes down, you will not receive anything. I know some carriers promise the world but in reality, nothing is perfect and failures will occur. If you have subscribed to or NIXLE alerts, I hope you have subscribed to the text alerts too. From here on out, during severe weather or other dangerous conditions, we will be sending out brief SMS texts only, so expect that. These will be short and sweet because again, emails aren’t that fast when all networks are working at peak capacity, we want speed. If you live here in the Garfield County Area, Listen to you favorite LOCAL F.M radio station. I recommend 103.1 K.O.F.M. AND 107.1 KNID AND 104.7 KEIF-LP. These folks receive our pages and texts and they relay this over the air. Do not forget NOAA WEATHER RADIO TOO.

Finally, during this time of extreme heat, please take care of yourself, your pets and remember check in on your neighbors. Remember about the watering issues here in Enid and please abide by the law on this. I have heard many people state that their grass is green, the leaves are green and this or that is green. That’s fine, go out and feel the grass, the leaves and you will see that they are brittle. They are stressed and barely hanging on, and they WILL BURN QUICKLY and produce a lot of smoke. Cedar trees will explode when they catch fire and if you have never experience that one, you really don’t want too. It’s like a bomb going off and it can injure you or even take your life. Just be extremely careful out there.

1-Sign up for Text Alerts from Emergency Management at www.nixle.com or text your zip code to 888777 for SMS notifications. Follow the instructions.

2-If you want our email updates and forecast information email the director at mike.honigsberg@onenet.net and we’ll put you on the list.

3-Follow us on Face book at http://www.facebook.com/pages/EnidGarfield-County-Emergency-Management/211404848898087 be sure to LIKE this page OR you can “friend” Mike Honigsberg Sr on Facebook

Informative websites: www.gcem.org   www.enid.org

Storm Shelter Registration: http://www.gcem.org/pauline.htm

Have a safe weekend and stay cool. Can’t wait to tell you all to stay warm



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