Enid Roller Girls

Enid, OK –  The Enid Roller Girls were definitely ready for their final home bout on Saturday night.  What they didn’t expect perhaps was that Red River was bringing only a few skaters from their own league.  The rest were All-Stars from the Dallas area.  To counter, Enid brought in some All-Stars from Oklahoma City.  What ensued was what could only be called a Rivalry of the Red River (can’t legally call it the other name….will get sued by ESPN.  Assholes).

From the beginning, the Red River Roller Derby (RRRD), was showing that they were there to play.  It certainly was a more physical contest than the last bout against Tulsa.  There were plenty of hard hits with girls hitting the floor nearly on every single jam.

The first half was a tight battle with the score being 67-64 at the buzzer (if they had one).  Penalties were fairly even, despite the nearly constant protests by the Red River coaching staff.  That would change in the second half though, when RRRD would be penalized heavily, while Enid played fairly clean.

The bout came down the final minutes with Enid jammers Kelley Rip-Her and Str8 Legit just having their way with the RRRD team, as they had several power jams, at at one point, RRRD only had ONE player on the track.  It was easy pickings from there on out as the Enid Roller Girls rolled up a victory against the RRRD 161 to 113.

Points Scored by Enid:

• Str8 Legit: 47

• Kelley Rip-Her: 46

• Scream & Sugar:  25

• Mt. Crushmore: 20

• Hot Rodd Havoc: 16

• Nikki Sixx Killer: 7

And now, here is a photo gallery of shots from the bout.  Remember, to click on the pictures to make them bigger and it will allow you to navigate from picture to picture.