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Moms:  Have you ever had one of those days where your world just screamed chaos?  Yeah, me too. The other night, I picked up the kids from daycare and as positive as I tried to be, the general aura was pure chaos. One whined that I didn’t bring him any water to drink. The other threw a ball at my head and then cried when I took it away. We got home, and within about 10 minutes, my son hit his head and knocked a tooth out, slammed his finger in the door just seconds later, and then my toddler wrote on the walls in black permanent marker. The dog must’ve felt left out of our little chaos party, because she chewed up her own bed while I made an attempt at dinner.

Exasperated and on the verge of tears, I instructed the kids to get in the car and told them we were going out for snow cones. I’ve never seen tears turn to smiles and squeals so quickly.  It turns out the secret to a happy, calm night is in a $1.50 snow cone! Where have I been?

We ended up at Tropical Freeze. If you’ve never been, Tropical Freeze is one fun little snow cone place. There is a really nice garden/patio area to relax in, complete with bench swings, party lights and picnic tables. The service was pleasant and my kids really enjoyed the “totally awesome” snow cones that came in flavors like “Spiderman” and “Ninja Turtle.” You can even get a scoop of ice cream on top if you want.

They had loads of flavors. It took me a good 5 minutes to decide on Cherry Limeade. My son got Ninja Turtle, which was a combination of banana and lime that he raved about.  Best of all, I got to have a few quiet moments in the patio area, and the boys were happy.

So while I was hanging out with the kids on the pretty little bench swing, I decided that there must be an interesting story behind snow cones. And because I’m a compulsive Googler, I Googled “snow cones” from my iPhone.

Apparently, (according to Wikipedia, for what it’s worth) during the Great Depression, snow cones were known as “Hard Times Sundaes” because they were so cheap that everyone could afford them.  I had to giggle at the irony. The name was totally appropriate for the night – we were definitely indulging in “Hard Times Sundaes.”

If you’re in the midst of hard times, visit Tropical Freeze at 3608 W. Randolph, near the corner of Randolph and Oakwood for a good old fashioned “Hard Times Sundae.”

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Sarina Houston: Sarina comes to Enid after spending four years in the UK eating crumpets and jet-setting to Europe’s best vacation destinations. She has lived in 12 homes in six different states and two different countries. Somewhere along the way, she picked up a handsome military husband, two equally handsome little boys, a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Science, and a knack for writing. When she isn’t writing articles or flying airplanes, she can be found battling ninja warriors, racing Hot Wheels, or picking bits of dried Play-Doh out of the carpet. She can’t stop drinking coffee and will sleep any chance she gets. Sarina is chasing careers in both aviation and journalism, and like everyone else, continues to seek the ultimate life balance.