It’s That Time Again, Enid Pride

“Pride” is an event that takes place in cities and towns all over the World to commemorate the Stonewall riots in New York City on June 28th, 1969. That was the place and time that the gay community, predominately gay men, decided to fight back against the violent raids of the New York City police department, in which gay men had been brutalized and even killed.

Much like Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday, “(town name) Pride” has an understood, National and world-wide definition, to be a commemorative event, festival, parade, etc…that is generally hosted or organized by the LGBTQA community. Because it is a worldwide event that happens all over, the name of each individual festival or parade is simply the name of the hosting town followed by the word “Pride.” Because the first parade commemorating the Stonewall riots involved “gay” men for the most part, these events started out as “Gay Pride” in the early 70’s, but for more than two decades now, they have largely just been called “Pride” because they are not just “gay” events, and are inclusive of the whole community including lesbians, bisexuals, transgender individuals, questioning folks, (or “queer” as the choice term young adults use) and their straight allies. “Pride” has evolved into an event that welcomes anyone who appreciates diversity and celebrates acceptance.

So you see, “Enid Pride” is for everyone really, well, almost everyone. Truth be told, bigots, racists, and over-all haters probably won’t want to attend an event that simply celebrates diversity and tolerance, but everyone else will be comfortable. Something that makes Enid Pride even more diverse would be our environment, and our intention.

Enid Pride 2012 “A Better World” is Saturday, September 22nd from noon to 7:00 p.m. at Government Spring Park in Enid. We knew we wanted to continue to find ways to prevent suicide and bullying, and promote other life improvement efforts. All progress, all improvement, all innovation starts with an idea or movement, that is then shared with others. As it spreads, it helps to create a better world. From the smallest undertakings, to the grandest scales, progress and improvement are all around us. Our goal with Enid Pride 2012 “A Better World” is to celebrate and illuminate those efforts while we:

  1. Celebrate the diversity and ingenuity that is creating a better world for all.
  2. Provide our community with a family friendly celebration that promotes understanding, education, and is appropriate for people of all ages, including children.
  3. Build relationships by demonstrating our commitment to pursue excellence, create unity, and be of service to all members of our community.


Our key note speaker at the festival is Michael Korenblit, co-founder of the Respect Diversity Foundation and author of “Until We Meet Again,” the compelling story of his father and mother’s survival during the holocaust. We’re also thrilled to have the one and only Eric Himan kick off the stage performances for the day.

Pursuing excellence in how we host Enid Pride, and in the overall excellent quality of the event, demonstrates to our town, that we are truly committed to being a professional, beneficial, sustainable organization, for this, Enid LGBT Coalition’s second year hosting Enid Pride. Enid LGBT Coalition is dedicated to serving the needs of our diverse community by building connections and by encouraging acceptance of all through Contributing to, Communicating with, and Connecting with all members of our community.

Enid Pride can’t happen without the businesses and people willing to get involved and support an idea of hope, unity, and community. Whether it’s with sponsorship, as a vendor, or a volunteer, please contact us at to get involved. You can also visit our website at: .  I’ll sign off as I always do, with my deepest wish…

In peace and progress,

Kristi Balden, Enid Pride Director