I hope everyone had a good weekend. I have a few things to get out there to you all and feel free to redistribute as needed.

1. City of Enid Emergency Management will be testing the Outdoor Warning System today at 12 noon. About 11:55, we will test the Public Address System at Meadowlake and Crosslin Parks. We would appreciate any and all comments both good and bad from these tests. Also, I would like to know if you hear the sirens that are closest to you. We have 41 devices that we activate now which include 2 in North Enid, 1 from NORCE, and 1 from Perry Acres. The only siren that is inoperable is in Southern Heights and we are in the process of replacing that one. As soon as our new sirens get here, we will replace that one.

2. As most of you know, we are in an EXCEPTIONAL DROUGHT right now. This is the worst that we can have. We are still in a statewide BURN BAN too. I have had many calls wondering if people can barbecue. That answer is yes as long as you keep the grill covered and you are at least 5 feet away from grassy areas. You can use a gas grill or charcoal grill, just keep the lid on. If you are in a camping location such as the lake or wherever, contact local officials and see what is permitted. Rules vary depending on location so make sure you take that precaution. Don’t want you to get into trouble.

3. I spoke about the West Nile situation in the last email. This is something to take seriously. As with any threat out there, learn as much as possible and take recommended precautions. It just might save your life or prevent you from becoming extremely ill. Those of you that hunt know what I am talking about. We get out there in nature and its amazing how bugs come to visit. Please heed this advice.

4- This week and over the past weekend we have seen those 100 degree temps again with very low humidity. A stated before, it doesn’t take much to get a fire going so be extremely careful out there. We have a few more days of 100 + temps and then we’ll see a cool down as a few cold fronts work through the area. September can be a hot or cool month so keep this in mind. Over the next 3-6 weeks, we will see variations in temps due to the “clash of the seasons.” This can be a violent time for us because we usually go from one extreme to another. We are in an exceptional drought right now and if the fall season returned to “normal”, so to speak, we could see a turn around and have excessively wet weather. We seem to go from one extreme to another. I spoke about this during the early summer months concerning flood issues. Now is a good time to be clearing out those water channels before the water comes. Debris will clog up the system and cause major backups which could lead you to have flood and water problems at your residence. If you see areas that need tending to, send us an email and we will forward it to the appropriate department whether it’s here in Enid or out in the county area.

5- We are gearing up for the fall storm season. Our spotter network continues with training even though we haven’t had the weather. Just know that if we ever do see severe weather again, we’ll have our spotters out there. Below are ways for you and yours to stay informed from your Official Warning Agency here in Garfield County- Enid/ Garfield County Emergency Management by subscribing to any or all of the following and they are FREE TO YOU!!

1-Sign up for Text Alerts from Emergency Management at www.nixle.com or text your zip code to 888777 for SMS notifications. Follow the instructions.

2-If you want our email updates and forecast information email the director at mike.honigsberg@onenet.net and we’ll put you on the list.

3-Follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/EnidGarfield-County-Emergency-Management/211404848898087 be sure to LIKE this page

Informative websites: www.gcem.org   www.enid.org  we are in the process of restructuring the GCEM website. It will be better very soon.

Storm Shelter Registration: http://www.gcem.org/pauline.htm  if you don’t have a shelter and you go to a specific area of your home, register that with us too. Our search and rescue teams want to find you as soon as we can after an incident. When you go to the shelter registration part of this site, be sure to select the right COUNTY that you live in.

During any incident or severe weather we STRONGLY encourage everyone to listen to your local AM and FM radio stations. They are 103.1-KOFM.960-KGWA, 107.1-KNID, 95.7-KXLS, 1390-KCRC, 104.7 KEIF-LP. You will receive up to the minute information from these stations during storm events. Watch us live on Suddenlink Cable Channel 11-Pegasys. Also, don’t forget NOAA Weather Radio.

Follow us on Twitter @garfieldem

Finally, I will have more of the Viaradio warning radios in 3 to 4 weeks to give away. I am “not” keeping a list yet because I don’t know the exact number I will have available. I will send that info out when I receive the radios and get them re-programmed to this area. Many of these will be placed in the new hotel/motels and we will place several in the quick shops around the county. The new schools will get one too. PLEASE be patient with us on this. I really debated on even stating this but I don’t want to sit on these once they get here. After I program them, I will pull out the number that is needed for the above stated and then put out the numbers to you all.

Have a great week.


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Enid/Garfield County Emergency Management
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