Week two of the Citizen’s Police Academy.  On the slate tonight, is the Wheel of Captains.  Around and round she goes, where she stops…..Captain Grassino.

Captain Dean Grassino, Special Operations Division

Captain Dean Grassino

Captain Dean Grassino


Bio:  Born and raised south side of Chicago. Married 30 years.

Experience:  20+ years with the EPD

Fun Fact:  Has been certified by the FBI in Quantico; Wife works for the City of Enid; His mustache has been voted “Mustache of the Year” 8 times over 20 years, rivaled only by Chief Brian O’Rourke’s mustache.

Captain Grassino started with an explanation about how important they thought it was for the CPA to meet all the Captains and understand how their decisions effect the policies of the department and their own divisions.  So, just what does Special Operations entail?  Get ready…

  • Training & Community Outreach:  The division is responsible for the training of all officers and maintaining the department and keeping it current on training.  They are also responsible for training new recruits.  Lt. Gary Fuxa and Officer Darin Morris also are involved in this.  The Citizen’s Academy is just one example of community outreach.
  • Firearms:  This sort of goes along with training.  The division makes sure all officers are trained and are able to carry weapons.  Most officers carry a handgun and a shotgun in their vehicle.  Some also opt for a patrol rifle (223.)
  • S.W.A.T.:  The SWAT team is comprised of various members of the force.  They train monthly and have trained under multiple scenarios.  They have trained in EVERY school in the Enid Public School district including new schools like Prairie View Elementary.  They are at the ready with blue prints of all the schools should a situation ever arise that would need them to know the ins and outs of the buildings.  The team is comprised of 14 members which would include Captain Grassino and Lt. Gary Fuxa who command the team.  The remaining 12 are ready to take down just about any situation that should arise.  Snipers?  No problem.  They’ve got those too.
  • K-9 Units:  The department has 3 K-9 units.  The units actively maintain watch on our entry points and exit points of town for potential narcotic runs.
    • The canines they use are imported from Europe.  This helps ensure the intelligence of the breed.
    • A canine costs approx $13,300 which includes training for the handler with the dog.  The benefit of the dog far outweighs the cost of the dog.  The most recent retiree, Rex, took down about $600,000 to $700,000 of contraband.
    • The get 8-9 years out of a canine.  They then retire and the handler gets the option to adopt the dog as a pet.
  • Narcotics/Vice:  Run 5 detectives and 1 sergeant.  They run all sorts of undercover operations involving drugs and even prostitution.
  • Fitness Testing:  Every year all officers must go through a fitness test.
  • Department Policies and Procedures


Tune in again later, possibly tomorrow for more Captains and information on their divisions.  As Officer Darin Morris likes to say, “Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.”