Our next Captain to meet on the wheel of Captains is Captain Jack Morris.

Captain Jack Morris, Uniformed Services Division

Captain Jack Morris

Captain Jack Morris

Bio:  Graduated with degree.  Graduated from the FBI academy with Capt. Grassino.  Originally didn’t want to be a police officer.  Has two daughters.

Experience:  23 years with Enid Police Department

Fun Facts:  Also works at a grocery store, uses the most hair gel on the PD.

Captain Jack Morris started us off with a bit of a background on himself.  He went to college looking to get into management.  Ultimately, after graduating and a series of different jobs, there was an opening at the Enid Police Department.  He decided to give that a try and the rest is history as they say.

Now, I should say that Captain Morris was definitely the most talkative of the 5 captains.  And that’s not me picking on him.  That’s his enthusiasm for his job shining through. “This is a great community to be a police officer.  It’s pro-police,” he said.  “We realize there are also people that will never be for the police.  They believe we write tickets just to drive up revenue.”  To prove that they don’t do that, he cited a speed study that had approximately 4,000 cars go through an area and there were approximately 900 violations.  That was a 30 mile per hour zone and they recorded a maximum speed of 62 mph.  So, if they were just out to write tickets, they could have written about 900 in this one area in about 4 days.

As part of the Uniformed Services Division he’s responsible for:

  • Community Intervention Center (CIC):  This is basically to hold juveniles until an adult can come get them.  This can be if they’ve committed a crime or for other situations.
  • Patrol: 50 Patrol officers, 10 sergeants, and 3 Lieutenants…the largest division of the PD.  The police department is a full service department.  They will pretty much come out for anything you call in.
  • Traffic:  Only 10 officers.  Work accidents, enforce speed and traffic laws.