Next up is Captain Brian Skaggs.  Let’s meet him shall we?

Captain Bryan Skaggs, Administrative Services

Captain Bryan Skaggs

Captain Bryan Skaggs


Bio: Least senior of Captains, Chief’s Assistant, on Police Civil Service Commission

Experience: 23 years

Fun Facts: Is going on a cruise soon and as a result, will not be able to explain a function of his job later in the CPA to the group.  After telling the group this, he laughed maniacally and danced a little jig.

Administrative duties include:

  • Federal Grants:  Applying for and keeping track of grants.
  • Chief’s Assistant:  Gets everything Chief O’Rourke doesn’t want to do.
  • Hiring:  See below
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Building Maintenance

The hiring process has changed at the EPD over the past year.  Captain Skaggs spent most of his time going over the hiring process.  The way things worked in the past, was that the Police Department would get a request for an application and they would send on out.  The application is not just a simple form.  It’s a book.  They’d send out a bunch of the applications and only get a certain amount of them back.  This was causing a loss of money.  So, now they ask all applicants to fill out an online application.  Once the application gets to Captain Skaggs, he sends them a letter explaining the process and the physical agility portion of the test.   So, now you can’t even get an application to be hired by the PD without passing the physical portion of the test.  The cuts out the non-hackers pretty quick.

The application is extensive.  The hiring process is even more extensive.  Once the application is completed, they move to the polygraph.  They lose a lot of candidates here.  They’ve had applicants who’ve molested people and done dope recently.  Amazing.  Once they pass the exam, then they get a background investigation.

The application process takes 4-6 months.  This is about average in the state of Oklahoma.  After he gets the background, he gives the applicant a character test called an Impulse Test.  Once the background comes back, Captain Skaggs takes it to the Civil Service Commission.  This is comprised of 4 citizens and Captain Skaggs.  Skaggs briefs the board about the applicants.  The board takes great pride in finding the best candidates for possible hires.

Now, once you count in the hiring process and then the training process, if the PD has an open position it will take them nearly a year and a half to recoup that position.  From open spot to officer on the street.  Currently, the PD has 12 open positions.  Know someone who would be good at being a police officer?  Have them get in touch with Captain Skaggs.