Citizen's Police Academy

Week 7:  Defensive Tactics

Instructors: Sgt. Richard Sutton,  Officer Brad Pritchett

What is use of force?  The use of force is defined by the PD as any physical contact with a subject.  Just grabbing him by the arm and attempting to detain him is considered a use of force.  While simply using voice commands will take care of 98% of the calls they go out on, there is that other 2% that they have to be trained and ready to deal with.  The other 2% get dealt with some means of physical alternative.

Choices of physical alternatives:

  • Batons
  • Pepper spray
  • Taser
  • Firearm

Interesting fact:  The Supreme Court has ruled that the Police are not obligated to protect civilians.  Seriously.

Now, Sgt. Sutton when into a great amount of more detail in the class than what I’m providing here.  He talked about what they might do in certain situations, what their guidelines were, and various protocols.  Hopefully, if you want to learn more, you apply to the  Citizen’s Police Academy in the future.