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Taser week.  One of three things that I had placed on my C.P.A. “bucket list” and unfortunately would not get to cross of the list.    We were going to get the chance to get tased for real by an Enid Police Officer.

First, some background on the taser.

The Enid Police Department uses an X27 Taser.  The taser shoots out metal darts that are connected to metal string, which in turn is connected back to the power supply.  Pretty simple.  Once fired, the darts shoot out of the taser at different trajectories.  The top dart shoots fairly straight.  The other dart shoots downward at an 8 degree angle.  For every foot that you are away from your target, it will drop an additional 13 inches.  The darts look nearly identical to a harpoon.  This allows the dart to penetrate clothing and hopefully into the body.

Each taser uses a single fire cartridge.  Different cartridges can shoot best from different distances.  The EPD employs one that works best at about 25′.  They cost about $30 each and the taser batter is about $34 each.  But when you consider the cost of the taser over injuries and fatalities used with other methods of defense.  In fact, injuries to both criminals and officers dramatically dropped after the introduction of the taser.

A taser produces 50,000 volts of electricity.  And this is often a number you will hear on the news when someone gets tased.  But that’s a bit sensationalist.  That number can actually be smaller than static electricity.  In addition, while the unit produces that amount, when both probes are deployed, that number decreases significantly.  Why?  The body is insulated.  It ends up being about 1200 volts.

  • A Christmas tree bulb has 1 amp.
  • A standard wall outlet has 16 amps.
  • A taser puts out .0036 of an amp.

There has been no medical evidence of tasers causing death.  Generally, people die from other underlying issues.  Taser has been sued dozens of times and has only lost one lawsuit, which is actually under appeal now.

So, want to see a taser in action?  Of course you do!  We all were given the chance to shoot Officer Darin Morris with the taser.  None of us declined that chance.  I actually got on of my taser probes to hit him in his crotch, but there is no video of that.  But in the end, only 3 were brave enough to volunteer to be shocked.  I was disqualified by my doctor and Chief O’Rourke.  The other two were allowed.  I filmed one of those two and you will see the brave Kristi Matal take a taser shot like a champ!