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The weeks of the C.P.A. are drawing to a close.  I don’t know this by looking at a schedule, I know this by the fact that they have put loaded weapons in our hands and told us to shoot.  Yes.  We were having fun now!

Let me go out of order a little bit.  This week, we were given a demonstration of the department’s MILO simulator.  MILO allows officers to train in real life situations and learn how to make very quick decisions about whether or not they need to use a firearm or lethal force.  Some might describe MILO as a video game on crack.  But it’s more than that.  You fully immerse yourself into the scenarios.

You are given a Glock 17A gun that has been specially outfitted with a laser to communicate with the super large video screen (it took up an entire wall) and a special cartridge to simulate firing rounds.  When you pulled the trigger, it would feel very similar to shooting an actual gun.

The scenarios were all real-life videos.  Some scenarios had you working a traffic stop while, some others were dealing with violent people who had no problems coming at you with a crow bar or picking up a gun and shooting at you.

MILO would even go so far as to allow you to use vocal commands in an attempt to diffuse situations without using force, which is always the best case scenario.


Over the weekend, we were treated to a day at the Enid Police Department gun range.  The SWAT team gave us a demo and showed us all of their equipment.  They demonstrated flash-bangs, home entries, and the use of firearms.  We were able to fire AR-15’s, MP-5’s, and a Glock Sim Round gun.  The MP-5 was both semi-automatic and fully automatic, so we were able to experience both.

The Enid Police K-9 units also put on a demonstration where two of our lucky members were allowed to suit up and have the great fortune of being attacked by vicious dogs.  Fun was had by all.

To have a bit of fun, I took video and arranged it into this little montage below.