Title:  39 Clues The Maze of Bones, Book 1

Author:  Rick Riordan

Ages 9 and up

I fell in love with The 39 Clues series last summer when I was gearing up for a trip out of town with my kids. I thought the audio book would keep us all entertained and them quiet, as we drove across the state. What I wasn’t expecting was to be so engrossed in the series that I was willing to pay full price for the second book for the trip home!

At the funeral of their beloved grandmother, orphans Dan and Amy Cahill (as well as other selected members of this extensive Cahill family) are given a choice, one million dollars each or chance to participate in a life or death treasure hunt for the thirty nine clues to the most powerful secret in the world.

39 Clues Maze of Bones

39 Clues Maze of Bones

With little to lose Dan and Amy set off with their college-age au pair, the adult in charge, on the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way they learn more about their family’s history as they inch closer to finding all the clues. Also, for those parents who want books to teach their kids something, each book sneaks in fun history, geography, and science facts.

Most of the situations are a little farfetched but that’s the fun of this series of fiction books. There are two series now. The first series, The 39 Clues, consists of ten books and the second series, Cahills vs Vespers, is up to four. I myself have read or listened to all but the latest one and it’s currently on hold for me right now.  Several different authors write the series so a new book comes out about every three months, which is perfect for those with shorter attention spans.

These books are a lot of fun especially if you have kids you can share them with. Even if you don’t I recommend you pick up the first book, The Maze of Bones and give it a try.