Today is going to be a good day! First of all it’s FRIDAY!!! Second, today’s high will be around 60 with light southerly winds and tonight’s low will be in the 30’s with light winds. If you go outside today, enjoy!

Don’t forget the Veteran’s Day Parade this Sunday at 1pm in downtown Enid. Yes, this Sunday. Promoters decided to have the parade to coincide with the open house at the Convention Center. There will be many activities so come and enjoy the afternoon in downtown Enid.


Weather-wise, this weekend looks to be a bit breezy as a storm system moves closer to the area. Timing is always the issue and the fire danger will be high. Humidity will be a bit higher on Sunday also but keep in mind if any fires get started, they will move quickly so be careful. Personally, I don’t see a great chance for rain but if it happens, that would be a good thing. Whether we see any rain or not, there is nothing forecast that would be anywhere close to severe with the passage of this system late Sunday or the next one about mid week or so.


Last week, I had asked for any organization or business that wanted to donate to help us purchase our preparedness guides to contact me. St. Mary’s has stepped up to do so and we appreciate them for this. What will happen with these funds and how will they be spent? Here it is:

1- Those that donate will have a link to their websites on the GCEM.ORG new WEBSITE under a heading of Supporters of Emergency Management, which should be active by January 1st, 2013. This info will also be on the Emergency Management page on the City of Enid website too.

2- They will have their logo printed on the front of our new preparedness guides.

3- We will also purchase NOAA weather radios for giveaways at the many functions that we attend and if those contributors have a small sticker with their logos on them, we will place those on the appropriate number of radios. We are doing this to help promote local entities that have public safety in mind. YOU MAY CALL ME FOR MORE DETAILS. 580-541-1263


Finally, I have been asked by many to explain all the various text and alert groups that are out there. As most of you are aware, I have posted at the end of these emails how you can receive information from us:

Sign up for Text Alerts from Emergency Management at www.nixle.com or text your zip code to 888777 for SMS notifications. Follow the instructions.

This is information FROM OUR OFFICE before, during, or after events that are important for the decision making process for you and your family. This is based on intelligence that we receive from our multi-county spotter network, local, state, or federal agencies. This is real time information that we feel you should have at a specific time when conditions are dangerous. This will include severe weather, hazardous materials incidents, major accidents that may affect an area over a long period of time or a number of other incidents you should be aware of. We will not send the daily forecast over this network or anything that isn’t pertinent to public safety. The newspaper and television media also have their programs. You decide what you want and go from there. You can easily opt in and out from any of our information and that is YOUR decision. On our NIXLE alerts, we will send out a test message every Wednesday at 1pm or so. Other than that, any alert you receive from the Office of Emergency Management should be read and considered for decision making purposes. If you receive any text alert from this office after 10pm or before 6am, there are dangerous conditions out there that we feel you should be awakened for. Even with our emergency services network, I don’t send out any information during the overnight hours unless it’s absolutely necessary. I learned this the hard way earlier in my careerJ. We will send an advisory out before 10pm if we feel severe weather will impact our area during the overnight hours and you can also get information from television and keep up with us on our Facebook and twitter feeds along with the Enid News and Eagle website. Don’t forget to listen to our LOCAL radio stations as all these entities work with us during these times to get information out to you. It’s a team effort, not competition.

Anyone having any questions please feel free to contact my office at 580-249-5969 or call my cell numbers posted below.

If you want our email updates and forecast information email the director at mike.honigsberg@onenet.net and we’ll put you on the list.

Follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/EnidGarfield-County-Emergency-Management/211404848898087 be sure to LIKE this page OR you can “friend” Mike Honigsberg Sr on Facebook

Storm Shelter Registration: http://www.gcem.org/pauline.htm

Sign up even if you don’t have a shelter. Let us know where you go within your house. This helps our search and rescue teams find you quickly.

Follow us on Twitter @garfieldem

Have a safe and super weekend.

Mike Honigsberg, Certified Director
Enid/Garfield County Emergency Management
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